Inventory and Stocking Services

At Francis Manufacturing we know that each customer has a unique series of requirements that must be met, specific to each individual part. This list of requirements is as individual as our customers.

We work closely with each customer to meet their design and production specifications, improve quality, and reduce turnaround time. In some cases, we are able to implement inventory and stocking services by managing the casting inventory to allow flexibility and for our customers to meet shifting demands. The value created by this service can help our customers ensure timely delivery and reduce their risk of long delivery lead times or the costly error of running out of parts.  These services are popular among our customer base and are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Our team will work with you to determine how Francis Manufacturing can best meet your needs. Contact us today to inquire how our inventory and stocking services can you help you meet the needs of your customers!

Our Customers Say it Best
“Thanks to Francis’ willingness to build ahead and stock critical components, we’ve been able to minimize lead times, decrease inventory and meet customer demand in a market that is seasonable and unpredictable.”
– Greg Gurney, Landscape Forms

“The fact that Francis Manufacturing inventories several of our higher volume castings allows us to meet our customers demands on-time. Especially when their lead time is shorter than the normally required lead time. ”
– Ed Stutsman, Cutting Edge Machine and Tool, Inc

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