Investing in Equipment & Technology to Serve Our Customers

Here at Francis Manufacturing Company, we have continued to make investments in our facility, both in equipment and technology.

A new fabricated sand system has been cautiously rolled out in the past 2 years that has allowed us to increase production AND significantly reduce the amount, severity and duration of injuries that have occurred in the past. The overhead sand system has allowed us to “take the shovel” out of the molder’s hands. A chute is now used to direct sand where it needs to go in producing the mold. The new system has been successful in improving production while allowing us to keep our flexibility in managing our order requirements.

At Francis Manufacturing Company, we have also recently made technological improvements to our custom-designed application. Adding additional features and functionality in order to give production more insight into each order and the requirements needed for completion. With the help of our team leaders and managers, we have continuously developed our software application to improve our foundry processes. This has allowed us to provide our production workers with more data than ever before, eliminate redundancies, identify critical areas of concern, and minimize casting defects. New developments on the horizon will include additional time saving opportunities in scheduling, improving communication flow, and providing additional insight into the production process.

Just a few of our current goals are to maintain our flexibility in managing our production requirements, ease the physical demands and improve the safety of our foundry processes, and continuously improve our ability to provide top quality castings. You can count on Francis Manufacturing Company to get your aluminum castings to you on-time and at competitive prices.

From nameplates to gas nozzles, fittings to baseplates, finials to fan blades and more, contact us today. Let us show you what we can do for you!